Saturday, August 12, 2017

Great Blessings Even in the Challenges

It's a quiet Sabbat afternoon at my place in Brussels. The day temperatures have been about 19-21 degrees celsius (66-69 F), which doesn't feel like summer anymore, especially with the clouds and the rain that has come down. But I'm sure it will perk up again before the fall finally arrives.

This past week, I returned from our German camp meeting. Again, it was a blessing in many ways; with lives being changed and even the smallest children being blessed by the programme. Overall, we could see the Lord's leading and intervention in everything - even when one of our speakers, Bryan Gallant, had to leave the camp earlier because his family back in the US had been in a car accident (they are doing fine, by the way).

As for the logistics, I was challenged again, with our registration software still giving us trouble. But I'm amazed how we managed anyway, not being able to rely on this tool. I was so glad that a whole group of Uchee Piners could make it this time. As I had shared previously, Teresa and Kim Kodimer were invited as main speakers, and they were able to stop in Brussels before to give a seminar at my church here. They were a blessing, as well as the other Uchee Piners who conducted a workshop at the camp meeting. Our health message is so simple, but yet so powerful.

So this past week, I've mainly been resting; and I will continue to rest some more, as on Monday I will be flying out to Serbia. I'm going to take part at the juice fasting camp again in the very North of the country (last time, I posted about it here). It will be the first time that I'm able to participate for the whole ten days. I'm sure it won't be easy, but the fact that you are there with a whole group of people helps a lot. I'm only praying that I will get there without any problem, as I will have to take a bus from Belgrade to Subotica (3 1/2 hours), and from there a taxi to the camp. These are those situations when an interpreter comes in handy, but I was told that with English I would be fine. Well, let's see how this is going to play out!

I didn't get to take many pictures, but here are just a few snap shots:

Camp meeting audience

Daphne demonstrating a potato poultice

Andreas doing the Livestreaming

Waldemar managing the sound system

Hay balls

Alberto & Patricia with little Henoch

"I like this hat!"