Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Those who have read my post of 12 October might have wondered whether ASEA could also be something that they should take. Of course I can highly recommend it to every adult person. Children don't need ASEA, because they still have enough redox-signaling molecules, which are getting less and less as we age. And these molecules are the ones that truly make the difference! Friends of mine have just started taking it, and they realized that it helps them a lot to cope with the stresses they are currently faced with.

Anyway, if you are interested to learn more, take a look at this little video. Of course, you may find out more about the product, as well as testimonies of people who have used it, by just checking the following websites:

Should you decide to try it out yourself, feel free to contact me for further information. You may also get in touch directly with Alan & Lorraine Humes in the US (via, who can also give you individual counsel as well as additional information.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sorry, I have no time to blog right now. However our baptism was a great blessing. It was so encouraging to welcome all these mainly young people into our church. The only "older" candidate was the lady I briefly shared about in my last post. She is right in the middle on this picture!

Too cute - little Kennely with the baptismal candidates
Praise be to God!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Archeological Find

I've been wanting to post another blog for quite a while, but as we all know, life is what happens while you are making other plans.

The spent the third weekend of September in Germany with my family. My maternal Grandmother turned 89 and she decided to celebrate it in the city of Bamberg, situated in Northern Bavaria, which used to be borderland area before reunification. We still have family members from my Grandfather's side who live in the nearby city of Coburg, and they also joined in the celebrations. We had a lovely time together.

My Grandma Höllein - she rather looks like 79, don't you think?

With my favorite brother :-)
Mom, older brother, aunt and uncle

With Flori at breakfast
On a historic city tour with the night watchmen
He has some interesting stories to share

The weekend after, Larissa came to Brussels again - the young lady who stayed at my place for six weeks last year around this time. She finally finished her Master's programme and the celebration took place in Brussels. For this event, her parents and older brother also came. They are a close knit family. It was nice to see them interact with each other. It's obvious that these parents made their children a priority. It was also very encouraging to see her father in brother in the church, as they both usually don't go to church anymore. But they came later during the morning service to pick up Larissa and Mom, and they were obviously impressed by the cordial welcome of our church members.

That very weekend, something remarkable happened in my body. It was actually already for the past few weeks or even months that I noticed a small "pimple" next to the scar at my right thigh. In 1989, I had a leg surgery - an osteotomy, because my right leg was about 2cm longer than the left one. Everything healed without any complication at that time, and I had no post-surgical problems whatsoever. Well, this pimple didn't go away, and eventually it even became a bit enflamed. Then I noticed something sticking out of it, which felt like plastic. Immediately I became aware that there most be a foreign object in my body, however I immediately excluded that this could have entered from outside. On that Saturday morning, I tried to gently pull this thing, and all of a sudden, a threat of about 1cm emerged! Instantly, I knew that this must be a residue of my surgery stitch. The following Monday, I saw my GP and she painfully removed it - 17cm (about 7 inches)! I was so relieved.

I was and still am quite amazed that this happened - after almost 24 years! The only explanation I have for this is ASEA, a new supplement that I have been taking for the last 10 months. Well, it's not just another supplement, it's a revolution on the health market I would say. It's all about helping the body cells to function properly by supplying it with "redox-signaling molecules". These are molecules the body produces itself, but as we age in a smaller and smaller amount. They now found out in the US how to manufacture these molecules. I have already heard incredible testimonies of people who experienced healing from all kinds of diseases through this elixir, but now I have my own story to tell! At least I have no other explanation why my body ejected this object just now. I'm very pleased.

The stitch
Another view

There was no church service this morning because of a baptism we are going to have this afternoon. I'm quite excited, as this is the first baptism we have after about three years. There will be seven candidates, one of which joined our church through watching 3ABN. Praise the Lord for Jennifer! In fact, I wrote a short testimony to 3ABN, and they read it yesterday during the live programme. So now our church is known all over the globe :-). But to God be the glory! I will post more about it later.