Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sowing Seeds

I read in the Spirit of Prophecy that some people are sowers and others are reapers. Looking back on my journey with the Lord, I would categorize myself as a sower. However, I've been developing a desire to get more of a balance here, to become also a reaper, but I don't know how and when this shall happen.

Once I had the opportunity to speak before a secular audience of about 250 people. This was nearly five years ago, when my father retired from his job as the principle of a college. There was this big celebration in his school and I told my dad I would like to contribute with a song. He agreed, and I took this opportunity to combine this with a personalized speech for my father. I shared a story of his life, boiling down to the fact that nothing happens by coincidence and the Lord has given him (like all of us) talents and that I can't do anything of my own strength. I praise God that there was a lot of positive feedback, and some of the attendees were even in tears.

Somehow, the Lord keeps giving me ideas to share spiritual truths with secular, unchurched people. Maybe that's why I'm here in this secular environment.

I've been trying to get the different language versions of the Great Controversy to send to the departing Commissioners before they leave office on February 9. I haven't been successful with every version, but at least I managed to get a majority of them. One of my candidates was the Danish Commissioner, Mrs. Fischer Boel, who has been holding the portfolio for Agriculture and Rural Development. Hereunder is a message that I received through her assistant the day after I sent her the book:

Dear Mrs Weichhold

Commissioner Fischer Boel has asked me to thank you very much for the book you have sent her. It seems to be very interesting.

She was very touched by your thought and is looking forward to reading it now that she - hopefully - will have some more free time after ending her mandate as Member of the Commission.

Mrs. Fischer Boel sends you her best regards.

WOW! I was really encouraged by this e-mail, as it suggests to me that my efforts haven't been totally in vain.

I'm praying for more opportunities to be used as a tool to reach my secular colleagues at all levels, although I don't know at this point what I would get myself into if the Lord answers my prayers. But if He provides those opportunities, He also has to enable me to do whatever needs to be done.

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