Monday, May 24, 2010

Sowing more seeds

Life is back to normal here in Brussels. I'm enjoying a long weekend (because of whit sun Monday) and the weather is giving it's very best - sunshine, sunshine, sunshine!

I'm thankful for some little opportunities to share literature that opened up recently. I have one colleague who is currently working with us as a trainee. She is from the French part of Switzerland, and we happened to talk about my experience in Hungary. Obviously, she was interested in health matters, so I gave her a flyer about the 8 laws of health as well as a French Signs of the Times that especially deals with this topic. Furthermore, I recently found out about a book/DVD swap that is taking place in our Directorate-General for Agriculture. As they informed me that they would be happy for donations, I decided to give them some of the Spirit of Prophecy books that I have in different EU languages. Although this is not a very personal way to share this kind of literature, at least it guarantees that they will be read by people who are really interested in them.

Another exciting development is the possibility of having an evangelistic series with Brother Lowell Hargreaves from Amazing Facts in Brussels. So far, there hasn't been any rejection by the church responsibles I've talked to. My pastor, who is also the Conference president, is in favor, as well as the elders both from the English- and the French speaking church. The only challenge might be the finances, as the first few weeks of the campaign would have to take place in a secular setting (since not even some Christians would ever take a step into an SDA church), and this is very costly in the city of Brussels. We would also have to start up with a health seminar to make people come in the first place. So many things to consider, and so many hands needed! But I'm praying for God's leading. If it's His will, I'll be ready to invest my time and strength into this endeavor.

We had a baptism at our church yesterday. The candidates were seven young people, mainly youth from the church. Of course I'm happy that they decided to follow the Lord and not to go out into the world, but it would be nice to baptize more first generation Adventists. If the evangelistic series will take place next spring, this could be an opportunity to help achieving this goal. May the Lord lead in His wisdom and power to reach the unreached in the city of Brussels.

The baptismal candidates

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Agamy said...

Nice to hear about the baptism. Seems that the Church was full with non-adventists people that afternoon, which is a very good testimony to them as it allowed them to enter the church. Such first contact, with love and warmth, may become a nice remembrance for some who, years later, by God's sake, may decide to join His Church.

God bless you in your Ministry, Daniela.