Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Forrest Impressions

I made it back to Brussels this afternoon. Again, there was a problem with the high speed train, and I already had to change in Frankfurt. However, it turned out that another train to Brussels stopped there which took me to my destination even half an hour earlier than planned! So this turned out a blessing.

Yesterday, it was my father's 70's birthday, and as it is the custom in our family, this had to be celebrated in an appropriate manner. Thus, the extended family as well as the closest circle of friends were invited on a trip to a small town in the Black Forrest. It took us about an hour by train from my home city. We had dinner in a nice restaurant and took a walk around this picturesque place. I really like these half-timbered houses, as they are so typical for the Black Forrest.

Small alleys
The slant doors are the openings to the caves (they come in handy to fill in the coal for heating - but I doubt that they still heat these houses with coal nowadays)
The "Narrenbrunnen" (fountain of the fools)
The townhall of the city of Gengenbach
With my dad, sister-in-law and aunt (there is only water in my glass by the way!)
The surroundings
Sunset at the river
Interesting tree

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