Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Time To Blog

I've been really busy, as I have invited my co-workers for a Thanksgiving reception at my home, which is going to take place tonight. I'm very excited, as this will not only be a great opportunity to get to know some of my colleagues better, and show them that a plant-based diet can be very delicious; but I will also do some fundraising for the medical-missionary project in Serbia, which I have been supporting.

In addition, I'm going to hold another cooking class at my home this coming Sunday. This time, I'm going to teach them about healthy spreads they can put on their sandwiches, which don't make them fat :-).

So hopefully soon I'll be able to share about the outcome!

This is a recent shot I took of the Berlaymont building,
the main buidling of the European Commission. The
Commissioners meet every Wednesday in this UFO shaped
silver top on the roof

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