Monday, April 16, 2012

Health Expo

I'm thankful for the outcome of our Health Expo yesterday. It turned out a blessing for everybody involved, in spite of all the difficulties and last minute changes. It wasn't a very large crowd - about 60 people went through the stations, but this included many of the volunteers themselves (most of which had never visited a Health Expo). So there were about 30+ people visiting, including a few non-Adventists. They were all very receptive. Indeed, it was worth the effort, and it was also a blessing to see that people from so many different nationalities and tongues can work together so well. So our next goal, in principle, is having an Expo at a public venue. I really don't know how we can put this together. Well, the Lord knows and I pray that He will make it clear if it's His will!

Exercise booth
Water booth
Nutrition - what are all these grains and seeds?
Discover your health age
Blood pressure check
The massage team
I think this is what people liked most!
Measuring the pulse...

...before doing the step test
Children's programme

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