Monday, January 7, 2013

Back To Normal

So here I am, back to Brussels after Christmas break. I arrived here last Thursday lunchtime and went more or less straight to the office. However, it was quiet last week because many people took the advantage to  take the whole week off. One of my colleagues brought me a nice bouquet of flowers for the new year - how thoughtful of him! But no second thoughts please ;-)

Anyway, the prophecy seminar in Germany was blessed, however prophecy has never been my strength or favorite field of study. The main reason is that it is strongly connected to history, and I just don't enjoy history. Furthermore, it was sooo much information, and it was quite difficult for me to get the gist of it, respectively to apply it to my life as a Christian. And I think this is where the rubber hits the road after all. I do think that it's important to know about these things, but I wouldn't put too much emphasis on it. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was nice, as I had expected. There were even a few bright and sunny days during my stay in Germany, but now it's grey and dreary again. I'm longing for spring!

However, my US adventure is getting closer now. In six weeks, I'll be headed off to travel back and forth within the States. The original plan was to attend the  Emotional Intelligence Summit with Dr. Neil Nedley in Dallas, but I would like to take advantage to also visit some friends: In Alabama, California, Colorado, Utah, and Arkansas. Quite an itinerary, isn't it? Unfortunately, I won't be able to stay for very long at each place, but I wanted to take advantage and visit as many people and places as possible, given the fact that it will be off-season. Some of the domestic flights do not cost much more than 100 Dollar at this time of the year.

From tomorrow on, I will be taking voice lessons again - with the wife of my boss, who is a musician from Japan. I look forward to it. At the end of this month, I will also be starting with Dutch lessons at the local university. It's high time that I learn the second official language in this country. Even though I'm living in a French speaking area, I feel kind of paralyzed without these language skills.

So a new year has begun, and life goes on as usual. What will 2013 bring? Well, it will definitely bring us closer to Christ's second coming, and the world needs to get ready for His return. May the Lord help all of us to be prepared - and to prepare others for this awesome event!

In the Swabian Alps - near Stuttgart

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