Sunday, July 7, 2013

This and That

I haven't been blogging lately, as there hasn't been much to share about in the past weeks. I'm thankful that I got my strength back and that I'm able to exercise again. Several times per week, I have been running at the University premises early in the mornings, plus I have started to go to the swimming pool once a week. In addition, on Sunday mornings I go running/walking in the nearby park with my former colleague Carmen. It feels good to do these workouts.

I'm thankful also for the health message and how it has been a blessing to people in my sphere of influence. When I gave my last cooking class back in March, I had two of the young ladies from my church attending, who are sisters. They actually got hooked with this way of cooking and they eagerly started trying out the recipes at home. Now they have asked me for more recipes and they keep sharing how their family members appreciated the dishes. A few weeks ago, I shared a DVD with a health presentation by Paul Volk from the US, in which he shared about the NEWSTART principles. It was very well received, and one Sister came up to me the week after and shared that she had started to implement some changes after this presentation, like no more snacking in between meals and no more sodas, and she said she would feel so much better. What a blessing!

Yesterday, I had five ladies from church over for lunch, which was an enjoyable gathering. It was a nice change to the usual potluck.

Other than that, we are getting busy with the preparations of our camp meeting in August. There have been more registrations than last year. In fact, at the end of our early-bird booking period about 5 weeks ago, almost all the rooms in the house were allocated, and I have already had to refer some people to the nearby guest-house. I hope and pray that everything will work out to God's glory.

The weather has been beautiful, but only since yesterday, after many days of clouds and relatively chilly temperatures. But it appears that the summer is in full force now, as it's supposed to stay warm and sunny the whole week long. And the geese in the park seem to enjoy it as well!

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