Friday, September 6, 2013

De Panne

My life has turned back to normal again in the last couple weeks. It wasn't difficult to get back into the normal every day routine, all the more it has still been rather quiet at work, plus singing and Dutch lessons are not back on yet.

This past Tuesday, it took me 1 1/2 hours instead of 15-20 minutes to reach the office. There was somebody who tried to commit suicide by throwing himself in front of the Metro. Apparently, the person was successful, because it blocked the traffic for several hours. Poor guy, but such things happen time and again. So the metro bus didn't come, and I decided to walk to the next bus stop from which I would have the chance to be transported at least near to my office building. But try to take a bus in Brussels during rush hour! Anyway, arrived at the office, it was not even an hour later that we had an unannounced evacuation exercise of the building. Well, I was glad there weren't any pressing issues at work!

On Wednesday, I took the time during lunch break to take a little tour through the nearby King's Palace. They always open it to the public from beginning of August through the first week of September, since it's not occupied by the Royal Family then. I ended up going there already last Sabbath after church, as we had two brothers visiting from California and we wanted to show them some sights. However, it was really overcrowded and thus not very enjoyable. So I decided to go again. The entrance is free and you can even take pictures. I will post them later though, as I still wanted to share some shots of my recent trip to the sea side. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in De Panne. The ocean is so invigorating, and it feels really good to walk along the sea shore. It didn't matter at all that I was all by myself, because my only objective was relax, relax, and again relax! This goal was thoroughly met, and I guess I will do that again at some point :-).

A buoy during low tide

Still hanging in there

Riders in the sky

Beach life

Beach café

Children's playground

Footprints in the sand...

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