Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Those who have read my post of 12 October might have wondered whether ASEA could also be something that they should take. Of course I can highly recommend it to every adult person. Children don't need ASEA, because they still have enough redox-signaling molecules, which are getting less and less as we age. And these molecules are the ones that truly make the difference! Friends of mine have just started taking it, and they realized that it helps them a lot to cope with the stresses they are currently faced with.

Anyway, if you are interested to learn more, take a look at this little video. Of course, you may find out more about the product, as well as testimonies of people who have used it, by just checking the following websites:

Should you decide to try it out yourself, feel free to contact me for further information. You may also get in touch directly with Alan & Lorraine Humes in the US (via, who can also give you individual counsel as well as additional information.

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