Thursday, January 9, 2014

GYC and Florida

The GYC conference was a blessing. On 31 December, I flew down with Franklin, who also works at Ann-Marie's ministry in Arkansas, as well as another young men from her church. Franklin organized for us to stay that night with a nice family who attended some of their health programmes in the past.

Although this time I can't really say that there was one particular seminar or meeting that was outstanding to me, the overall experience was good. The atmosphere was very spiritual as usual, and it was nice to see again many people both from the US and from Europe. The convention facilities were very good, although I had to cross the street each time from the hotel I stayed in order to attend the meetings. Of course I've also enjoyed the warmer temperatures; however we have had two rather cold days since I'm here. On Friday it went down to about 10°C (60°F), and it was exactly the day we went on outreach. But the sun was shining so it wasn't a problem.

Since the conference ended, I've been staying with the same family, as they kindly offered to host me for a few more days. However, I've been spending the days with my friend Rosalina who also lives in the Orlando area. Her family was staying at the same ministry in Hawaii while I was helping out there in 2009. They are currently transitioning houses, so I couldn't stay with them. Yesterday, we went to Daytona beach, and this time, the temperatures even went down to 8°C and it was very windy. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the trip.

So tomorrow, I'll be headed home. I don't really look forward to a five hour layover in Philiadelphia and another one in London, but I hope everything will go smoothly!

Finally I was able to donate my German K├Ąthe Kruse doll to 3ABN
 - with Camille Gilley

Mark Finley lecturing

There were over 6000 participants
Outreach experience...

Downtown Orlando
Legoland at Downtown Disney
With Mickie and Minnie
Impressive lego animals

At Daytona Beach
The birds were a bit scary!

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