Saturday, December 27, 2014


Well, I guess it's time for an update. I have left Bolivia on the 17th of this month, but I'm still dwelling in South America. I'm currently visiting my friend Carla in Brazil, who lives with her family about 2 1/2 hours north west of Sao Paulo. This small place is called Engenheiro Coelho, and it hosts part of the Sao Paulo Adventist University (UNASP). Carla is a student of architecture here.

My journey turned out a bit complicated, as I unfortunately sprained my right ankle while jogging just the day before I left Samaipata. But with the help of my friends in Bolivia, the trip actually went quite well. Although I've been a bit incapacitated, I'm enjoying my time with Carla. We haven't seen each other for about eight years after all. My foot is slowly improving, and I hope I will be able to be more active in these last few days here. As for the language, of course it's not very easy if you only speak Spanish, but I've been able to communicate with the neighbours a little bit.

Currently, it's quite hot here, about 33 degrees (90 F), but I'm still thankful that I don't have to experience the European winter this year. On Wednesday, I'll be headed to Uchee Pines Institute in Alabama. I'll be volunteering there in the Lifestyle Center. I look forward to this experience, although I'm a bit apprehensive. After all, it's already seven years ago after all that I finished my training and internship as a lifestyle counseler there; and they only opened the new Lifestyle Center after I had left. So I'm praying for an interesting and fruitful time there.

Carla with her husband Ricardo and daughter Kathlyn

The church at UNASP

Graduation of the theology students

And below you can see how sugar cane juice is being made!

Nature's candy!

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