Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back and Forth

At the time of this writing, I'm in the Black Forest, enjoying the beautiful landscape at about 900 meters (2700 ft.) above sea level; with sunshine, snow, trees, flowers, little rivers, and marshland. I went with my aunt and grandmother who owns an apartment here. How peaceful and relaxing!

I had intended to post at least one more blog before I leave for my little two-week vacation in Europe, but things went a bit out of hand, and I just didn't get around to sit down and write. What an eventful time!

Since my last blog, I participated in three more sessions at the Lifestyle Center. If I had to summarize this time in a few adjectives, I would maybe describe it as: educational, character building, touching, fun and exciting.

I'm thinking about this 50-year old lady, terminal with breast cancer. She was in agony because of the physical pain she suffered. I distinctly remember her warm, firm grip when I was sitting at her bedside. Or the 20-year old with Type I Diabetes, who called me at night because her blood sugar was low, and something had to be done rather quickly! Or to see the improvement of the 75-year old with four-stage colon cancer, who felt and looked so much better after 17 days of treatment.

Well, the list could go on and on. We've had such wonderful lifestyle guests from all walks of life: a lawyer, a chef, a graphic designer, a diplomat's wife, retirees... Some didn't know much about the eight laws of health at all; others already knew a lot, but were still able to learn quite a bit during the programme. Whatever the case may be, I just love working with them. In fact, I wouldn't really have expected to obtain such high job satisfaction coming back to Uchee Pines. I guess I have matured over these past years, and am now taking this job more seriously. Plus the co-workers are very nice, and the new lifestyle center is just immaculate. I still have a lot to learn though, but I hope to be fully operational soon.

Anyway, this is my conclusion: I have decided to stay longer than originally planned. I will still come back to Europe for the summer as envisaged; however in September I shall return to Uchee and stay for another six months or so. I have no ambitions to go back to the EU yet. There is a time and a season for everything, and I don't think my time to return to my work place has come. I'm just excited that I can stay longer at my Alma Mater! And it's always good to know that you are needed. May the Lord help me to continue caring for His precious children.

What follows are a few random impressions of the awakening spring in Alabama. Some pictures of the Black Forest are soon to follow.

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