Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall in Alabama And Other Happenings

Ok, I'm still alive - just busy! It's been almost two months now that I'm back to the United States. After visiting some friends in the Washington DC area, I finally made it back "home" to Uchee Pines again. And busy I have been! We had a full 10-day lifestyle session as well as the fullest 17-day session ever this year (22 guests). It's been rather challenging, but also extremely rewarding to work with all these precious people. Last Sunday, we started a much lighter session, which of course is nice for a change.

Eventually, fall has arrived here in the South. During the nights, it's been markedly cooler, but we have still had very balmy day temperatures with a lot of sunshine in the past several weeks and very few rainy days. The only thing is that in the morning and evening, you mostly need to dress like in the fall, however during the day you better dress like for an Indian summer!

Anyway, many things have happened here. What impacted me most lately are the losses of several precious people. I did already mention the passing of our co-founder Dr. Agatha Thrash back in September. She was shortly followed by a former lifestyle guest, a 57-year old lady who lived with 4-stage cancer for several years, but finally succumbed to her disease. Linda was such a precious friend to me (you can find a picture of her with her husband here: - it is the second last on the post). And finally, Louise Champen, the wife of our chaplain, passed a couple of weeks ago - exactly on their 50th wedding anniversary. These are all big losses, however it makes me look forward to Heaven even more, when we will finally be reunited with our friends and loved ones. For now, may they rest in peace.

Below are some fall impressions. I will post more later!

Amazing Colors

Pineapply Guavas - yummy!
Persimons - even more yummy!

Dr. Agatha's grave - next to her husband's

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