Sunday, December 27, 2015

Year End

The year 2015 is drawing to an end. Since our last lifestyle guests left this past Wednesday, there has definitely been a change of pace here at Uchee Pines, and quite a few have been traveling. So it has been rather quiet over Christmas, with strange weather patterns. For a few days, we had heavy rain falls and thunderstorms, and now it's been unusually warm with sunny spells. This coming week will continue to be quiet and restful. Normal operations will start again next Sunday, and I'm praying for strength and guidance.

Below, I'm posting a few pictures documenting the recent transformation in our house. Thanks to the skills of an 80-year old retiree (a former worker at Uchee Pines who used to run a carpentry shop), as well as some other skilled people, we got a wonderful new kitchen. I'm grateful that my adopted grandpa came back to do this excellent work!

This is how it looked like after they had removed the old kitchen
Here we are getting closer

And this is the finished kitchen!

And that's the house I currently live in!

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