Saturday, May 14, 2016


I'm enjoying a quiet Sabbath afternoon. I haven't needed that so badly in a long time. Our new lifestyle session started at the beginning of this week and I'm the Resident Lifestyle Counselor, or RLC. This means I'm living together with the guests in the Lifestyle Center. When I had this role last time, I got totally drained, because we had some type I diabetics in the group and I had to get up at night to check their blood sugars. So I was kind of dreading to do this again, but since we were expecting a relatively small group, I was asked if I could imagine being RLC again. And so I agreed to give it another try.

Thus far, the Lord has helped me. I haven't gotten enough sleep (even though I haven't received any wake up calls yet), but it's definitely a privilege to be able to spend so much time with the guests. I have to get them started early in the morning, take vital signs, conduct worship, and have breakfast with them. After clean-up, I'm off during the day (except of three times lunch duty per week), and start duty again at 5:30 pm with preparing supper. In the evening, I put on the poultices (charcoal, castor oil, cabbage, etc.) and take care of any other needs that they may have. It's a very mixed group, with some interesting characters. The youngest is about 2 years, and the oldest is in her 70s. I only wish I was a better day sleeper, but hopefully my body will eventually cooperate with my temporary rhythm. I have 11 more days to go after all!

Other than that, it's getting hot here in Alabama. I'm glad that we are still having cool nights, but this will be over soon. However, the blueberries are ripening quickly, and the produce in my garden and on the farm is growing fast. I'm thankful that I still get to enjoy some of that before leaving this place for good.

My home for this lifestyle session

It's a cozy place

Soon we are going to have corn
Lettuce and tomatos in the green house

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