Saturday, April 15, 2017


It's another Sabbath and I'm back with my parents for a few more days. It's rather cloudy and rainy today, so I decided to stay at home this afternoon to enjoy some quiet time.

I just spent one week in Switzerland, mainly to conduct a Health Emphasis weekend at the Hispanic SDA Church in Zurich. The Pastor who gave me baptismal studies many years ago is now in charge of this congregation, and he had been wanting me to come for quite some time. So now it finally happened, and I can tell you I did not feel adequate for this task! Well, now I can only give God the glory, because it was a blessing in many ways. Although I was interpreted from English, I wasn't really confident because I had never given these presentations before. I just used the Spanish material I had from our Honduras trip. But the Lord did it through me, and I loved the people there. The church members and guests were very receptive, and I pray that the seed planted will bear fruit.

After that, I had a couple of days to visit my friend Heike, who lives with her family at the Lake Thun. It was a beautiful nature experience - and also a lively family experience with two rambunctious children (the daughter being 10 and the son 8 years old). I think some parents really need a double measure of wisdom and patience!

On Monday, I'll be heading to Brussels in order to prepare for my trip back to Uchee Pines this coming Wednesday. It will be my final two months of volunteering in this institution before I return to Europe for good.

I found a very interesting quote by Ellen White, which shows that she actually experienced feelings of inadequacy in her life:
"Now I must leave this subject so imperfectly presented that I fear you will misinterpret that which I feel so anxious to make plain. Oh, that God would quicken the understanding, for I am but a poor writer, and cannot with pen or voice express the great and deep mysteries of God. Oh, pray for yourselves, pray for me." (3 SM, p. 90)
This is an encouragement to me. I think if anybody knew how to talk and write about spiritual things, it was her. It makes plain that whoever shares the word of God needs fervent prayer, but also those who listen! May the Lord guide the sharing of His messages all over the world, and may He qualify the called.

Presenting at the Hispanic Church
Cooking School

Some impressions of the Lake Thun and surroundings

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