Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cooking Class

This past Monday, we had an Easter holiday, so I thought this might be an excellent opportunity to offer a cooking class at my home. I invited interested church members to come and see what a fully vegetarian cuisine can offer.

It was a great success: Eleven ladies attended, one of which even a non-Adventist. They all liked it very much and they were very open to this new way of cooking, which is rather unusual for them.

I'm very thankful that the Lord gave me this serving opportunity. My next project will be another medical-missionary effort in Hungary, to which I will be headed this coming Sunday. A former classmate from Uchee Pines, who is Hungarian, invited again the doctor who was the medical director there during our time. We are going to demonstrate how to do a lifestyle session with real patients. I'll be able to join for one week and I pray for another blessing.

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