Monday, February 14, 2011

Back Home

Yesterday evening, I returned from my trip to Southern Germany where the meetings with Walter Veith were held. It was and interesting experience, and it was good to see Walter again. I got acquainted with the Veith's a number of years ago while visiting the Neumann family in South Africa. Brian Neumann is a former rock musician who is also a speaker for Amazing Discoveries. The Neumann's and the Veith's are good friends, and so we would spend a lot of time with them. Walter is certainly an interesting person to be around with.

The meetings took place in a small place called Starnberg, about an hour from Munich, beautifully situated at a lake. The focus of the presentations was on revival, so it was mainly for church members. Only the very last one on Sunday evening was on creation/evoution and thus geared to the public. I was already gone when he gave this talk, but I hope they had a lot of visitors. The revival meetings were really interesting, although I always find that he puts too much information into his presentations and thus it's a bit challenging to absorb everything. But thanks to his German origin, he didn't need interpretation; otherwise it would have really been too long. He chose several bible characters from the OT (like Nehemia, Isaiah, Ruth) and pointed out the typology depicted in the experience of each of them, which show the condition of our church today. I was impressed with so many parallels. He also talked about the current happenings and the New World Order. This was another reminder that we really need to be aware of the developments and get ready for Jesus' soon return. There were also encouraging testimonies of some young people who recently joined the church - one of them by listening to a talk of Walter Veith on YouTube.

So this trip was a nice change of my everyday life here in Brussels, all the more I probably won't have any opportunities to get away here in the next few months. I also enjoyed this picturesque lake with the Alps in the background - a beautiful scenery as you can see on the pictures below.

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