Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Counting The Blessings

I'm in Germany with my parents and younger brother after returning back from camp meeting yesterday afternoon. It was a great blessing - to put it mildly.

As expected, the Nebbletts and their messages and songs were a highlight throughout the week. I'm especially thankful that the Lord is able to touch the hearts of the young people through them. I interpreted part of the medical seminar given by Edwin Nebblett who is an MD. The information that he gave about brain health was highly interesting and timely.

I know that it is a blessing whenever Frank Fournier speaks somewhere, and that's why I suggested to invite him to our convention. However, I wouldn't have imagined that his presence with us would make such a tremendous, extraordinary, and deep impact on all people involved at our camp meeting. When he made an altar call the last evening, quite a number of young people came forward who decided to be baptized. Overall, this hour of consecration was just overwhelming. I'm sure the Lord had planned this for us, however it became obvious to me that the enemy didn't like this plan. Indeed, Frank would have had many good reasons to cancel his trip to Germany even in the last minute. It just seemed way too much for him to fly in from Sacramento directly after the ASI convention, his wife being sick on top of it - plus he missed the OCI board meeting. In addition, the German air traffic controllers threatened with strike - exactly for Monday morning last week, when he was supposed to arrive. Interestingly, this strike never happened, although they seemed very determined to defend their rights. Yes, the air traffic controllers may control the airspace, but God controls the whole universe!

It was quite challenging for us not to have Thomas with us to help with the organization and a smooth running of the meetings, but by God's grace we managed. Due to my busyness throughout the week, I haven't taken many pictures, but here are a few impressions:

Frank Fournier preaching
The Nebblett family singing

Hour of consecration Saturday night

At the end of the meetings, I decided to stay one more night in order to get some rest before moving on to the next place. So on Sunday, I was able to spend some time with the Nebblett family (who also left the place only yesterday morning), which was very blessed. I was the last one leaving the Christian recreation center, and it was such a peaceful sunny day. I wish we could have had more days like this during camp meeting time, but unfortunately, we had more rain then sunshine, and it was quite windy (just unpredictable in this part of Germany). Nevertheless, we were truly showered with God's blessings.

This was how the park in front of the building complex looked like at my departure. I should really have taken a picture of that tree on the first day of camp meeting as a comparison. When I arrived at August 7, only the leaves to the left were yellow. What an early fall!

I'm planning on driving back to Brussels already this coming Wednesday instead of Sunday. I really need to see my chiropractor, furthermore I decided to attend the yearly spiritual retreat of my church in Brussels, which is going to take place this coming weekend at a beautiful place in the countryside of Belgium. Our pastor is now definitely leaving for Canada, and this will be our last time with him.

I'm ready for another blessing, I think.

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