Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rhineland Project

Yesterday, I had to head back to Brussels after spending some wonderful days at the "Rhineland Project", the medical-missionary short-term school I had mentioned in my previous blog. This project is taking place in a huge mansion house (a former boarding school, but now an apartment house), situated in a beautiful small town in the Westerwald region of Germany (about one hour from Cologne). In fact, it's only about half an hour away from the place where our camp meeting was held, so I could actually have gone there directly from there! We had lovely weather most of the time, and I wish it had been like this at camp meeting as well.

The project is such a blessing. The initiative and realization of it has been done by a brother who normally works as an architect. Jens attended Meet Ministry in Tennessee a while back, and ever since he is applying what he has learned by organizing all kinds of projects to train new (medical) missionaries. When I shared this with a friend in the US, she said: "Dr. Jackson would be proud" (that's the leader at Meet Ministry). Indeed, the knowledge that is received in these institutions by people from various cultural backgrounds is literally being applied all over the globe. I remember when I first came to Uchee Pines, there was this young pastor from Hungary who originally wanted to stay only about three months to improve his English. Well, he ended up doing the whole 18-months training, and now he is doing a great work in his home country.

The highlight was the health expo on Sunday afternoon. We invited the whole neighborhood. Although not too many "outsider" people came, it was fun teaching the eight laws of health to the church members and as well to a few non-Adventists.

What follows are some picture impressions, but it would be too much to post all the nice ones I have. I think I will post more on Facebook.

The mansion house - we actually used only two apartments and the  ground floor

Left: Vojta from Czech Republic preaching - Right: Jens interpreting
Kitchen duty
Health Expo: "Information & Massage"
I was banned outside with my "Air" booth. Hilarious! In fact, they only asked me  two hours before it started whether I would be willing to help out...
A curious little boy from the neighborhood
How to exercise properly
James from the US - specialist in cutting trees - quite impressive how he was able to climb this huge  one
And this is how the tree looked afterwards - good job!
Morning exercise
Headed where?

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