Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On my way home from the bridal shower...

...I got completely lost. There was construction work on part of the main metro route, and already on my way to the bridal shower, I had to leave the metro, go upstairs and enter the metro bus (which took us to the next metro station), go downstairs and finish my trip with the metro until the terminus.

On the way back home, I went together with Rona and another young lady. It was already dark when we went upstairs to take the metro bus. Then I realized that I might as well walk the rest home. I was aware that it might take me a little longer then by public transport, but I felt I needed a walk. So I said good-bye to them and off I went. However, I somehow lost my orientation - I had thought I knew where I was going, but in the darkness, the surroundings often appear differently. Thus, I ended up at some pre-metro stop far away from my home. So I decided to just take the tram from there, which would take me to a metro stop (from where I could easily get home). Well, it turned out a rather long trip, and I only got home around 10:45 PM - way past my bedtime!

Nevertheless, this was an opportunity for me to observe people. Fortunately, I had my MP3-Player with me, so I could listen to spiritual music and didn't have to listen to what was going on at this time of the evening. Usually I'm safe and secure in my bed after 9 PM. I really can't say that I felt comfortable amongst all these nighthawks. After all, when it gets dark, the moral declines, and people behave differently. However, it was very interesting to observe the people who where on the go on this Sunday evening: There were the Europeans for example: people from all the different EU (and non-EU) countries, speaking all these languages, which I sometimes cannot identify. Then the black people of course - mainly from Africa, but also from the Caribbean. Another group are the Muslims (mainly from North Africa) - the group of people amongst which I feel the least comfortable here in Brussels. To the Muslim men, European women are prostitutes. Yes, that's a fact. After all, in our Western society, it's absolutely normal (and expected) to have premarital sex (you are not normal if you wait until you get married). In many Muslim countries, a woman can be killed by her family members if she fornicates before she gets married. In Turkey, they still practise this, although it's prohibited by law - so no wonder why we don't want to have them join the EU. So for a Muslim man, the Western women are the ones they can "practise" with. Of course, this doesn't apply to every male Muslim living in Brussels - nevertheless, I don't feel comfortable amongst them.

Muslim lady at the bus stop - she was actually wearing a veil
which fully covered her face. In fact, they recently
prohibited these veils in Brussels

Anyway, it was an interesting evening experience. And again, one of my most burning questions came up:
"Who is going to tell all these people about Jesus?"

In Habakkuk 2:11, it says:
"For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it."
I hope the stones in Brussels won't have to cry. May the Lord qualify the called in order to finish the work in the capital of Europe.

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Barbara said...

I just found your blog this evening, from a link on the Nebblets. I've enjoyed reading your stories, and sense a sweet Spirit here. Yes, I ask too, "How do we give these people Jesus."