Sunday, September 4, 2011


It's almost midnight now and I'm sitting in my living room. One of the heaviest thunderstorms I've ever seen is coming down. It's raining cats and dogs. Thank God I woke up about around 11:30, since my bedroom window is wide open and the rain already began to wet my bedroom floor.

I was rather going to post this blog on Sunday evening, but I've changed my mind. A daughter of a friend of mine sometimes calles her posts "TMI" ("too much information"), and this is exactly my experience these days: So many things happening. What shall I share, what shall I keep? Ok, here goes:

The Sabbath day was just lovely. It was very warm with blue sky and sunshine. What a treat! My time at church was interesting. Not that we had a particularly interesting sermon. In fact, I left the sanctuary before it even started, as there was a sound problem and my ears couldn't handle it anymore. Furthermore, I still have some challenge sitting for a long time, as I had to get some chiropractic treatments last week. Just the day before I left for vacation, I had another show-down (a very bad one) with my deputy head of unit. This really had an impact on my back. Of course it didn't get much better while I was at camp meeting, and since I had to wait until I was back to Brussels ten days later, this didn't make things any better. However, I'm almost restored by now.

Anyway, back to church: I decided to go downstairs and take a peak into our French-speaking church. Another boring sermon was presented there. So I stepped outside on the street, and there was one of our Philippino ladies talking to a Flemish brother, who is maybe in his late 50's. He is divorced and looking for a good wife. The sister had strong doubts about the feasibilty of finding a good wife. She is also divorced, but remarried to an American who was baptized in another denomination. She said, after her divorce, the one and only important thing to her was that her future husband would believe in God. Sadly, they never got any marriage counseling. Thus, there were a few things that surprised her after they got married, for example that he was (and still is) a smoker. In fact, he had lied to her about it. Nevertheless, he comes often with her to church (whenever he doesn't have to work on Saturday), and he seems to be quite open.

In the meantime, the service at the French speaking church was over and they started serving cakes and other sweets, as well as coca-cola. I asked the elder what was going on, and he said that they just had a child dedication and this was to celebrate it. Aha. Then I went upstairs for our church potluck and when I saw one of the little boys drinking the ice tea that was served, it dawned on me why many of our children have such an attention deficit and are so hyperactive. It's really high time to have a health emphasis week at our church!

Ok, the storm is almost over by now, however it's still raining cats and dogs and it starts to drop into my fire place. But maybe at some point I will get back to sleep!

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