Monday, November 19, 2012

Time Is Flying

Indeed, only five more weeks until Christmas break - I can't believe it.

There were two big happenings in the past few weeks: The ASI meetings in Hanover, as well as the seminar with Restoration International at "Die Arche" in the north-east of Germany. Both events were very blessed.

Well, I should have rather gone somewhere to the beach or to the mountains in order to recover from all the stresses of the previous weeks, as well as from the bronchitis I had contracted in October. However, I didn't want to miss the ASI meetings, and I definitely don't regret having gone there. It was just not as relaxing as I had planned it to be. I was one of the volunteers helping with the interpretations into English for those who didn't understand German. That included my friend Violeta from Belgium, who actually took me there with her husband Sacha. They had registered already in the summer, and eventually I decided to join them.

Anyway, Walter Veith from South Africa was the main speaker, and it was very nice to see him again. But like last year in Bavaria, I didn't have much opportunity to talk to him. I hope to be able to travel to South Africa again at some point, because he is always so busy when he is traveling. This would also give me an opportunity to see his wife again, as well as some other friends. At least I have a nice picture with him :-).

It was actually the first ASI meeting I attended. So far, I had only followed the ASI meetings in North America via 3ABN, and I've always enjoyed them. I finally became a supporting member of this ministry, and they actually did an interview with me there - about my activities in Brussels (to be published in the German ASI news).

Walter and I

Fat ladies in Hanover

My stay at "Die Arche" was also very blessed. In fact, I would have wished to be able to just stay in Germany and then go to there right at the beginning of the seminar, but I had to go back to work as I didn't have enough annual leave left. I also had to finish some preparations for our upcoming office removal.

So I arrived there two days later, but I still had a very good time. It was so nice to see Tom and Alane Waters again. I had them in my home church in Germany in 2002, and ever since, I have only seen them a couple of times. The seminar was very interesting as usual, and the other people attending were very nice. Furthermore, I was kind of overwhelmed about the beauty and quietness of the country surroundings there, as well as how cosy this place is and how warm the people who are working there. All in all, it was a great experience.

I like how they interact which each other
Very photogenic - both of them

So here I am, back to the grind. It was a rather interesting week after I came back from Germany, as I had to get adapted to a new working environment. Well, I'm still in the process of getting adapted, but it's good for the brain to build some fresh neuropathways every now and then!

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