Sunday, December 9, 2012

Madou Tower

I'm not supposed to write about my work on this blog, but I'm just going to share about the building in which I work, so I suppose that this is ok (hoping that they will let me know if there is a problem ;-).

Anyway, it's already four weeks ago that we moved to another building, but only now do I find the time to blog about it. The background is that our growing Directorate-General has been spread out to several buildings, and although all of them only on walking distance from each other, this was obviously not an ideal situation. Thus, it has been decided to move the whole DG into a 32 story tower about 15 minutes walking distance from the previous buildings; and the colleagues currently occupying the tower moving into our buildings instead.

Of course this cannot take place all at once, so the maneuver already started this past summer, and is supposed to be finished by the spring of 2013. So about half of our Directorate had to pack their moving boxes last month, including our little task force.

Although it now takes me about five minutes longer to get to my office, I must say I like the new work place. It's more modern, and even the neighborhood is not as bad as I had assumed. I thought the next park would be too far away to get some recreational time during lunch break, but if I take a shortcut, it's actually not that remote. So far, the office situation is not ideal for us, since half of our team looks into the inside of an artrium with almost no sunlight (I don't know what kind of architect had this bright idea), but this situation will be remedied soon, and we will all have outside windows. We are on the sixth floor only, but if I want to see a beautiful sunrise/sunset, I can always go to a higher level. I actually look forward to that!

So all in all, I'm happy with the new situation. It's important to have a pleasant work place; you spend a lot of time there after all!

There are some other things I wanted to share, but I'm still behind with everything. I hope I can catch up in the next few weeks!

Madou Tower - view from my old office building
This is how my office looked like on the day I moved in
And a couple of weeks later - at my little Thanksgiving reception

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