Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Caroling

The youth of our church had a special item on their programme this weekend. They went Christmas caroling at different homes of church members. Last year, they did this for the first time, and apparently it was a huge success. So this year, I decided to sign up as well. I actually considered it more an outreach event, and so I didn't expect them to only sing at my place. In fact, I sent out an e-mail to my neighbours inviting them to let me know if they are interested in having them sing. Only one lady replied saying that they would be glad to have them come to their house.

So all 20 participants (including children) arrived at my place and we had a great time. I think I've never had so many people in my living room, but it worked out well. They shared a few nice songs, munged on my cookies and pop corn, and then they went downstairs to also sing for my landlord. Then we went to the lady's house. They really liked their performance, and one of the men staying in that house also wanted them to sing for a friend of his who had his birthday. He only lived a few houses away, but the man figured that his friend was actually at the supermarket. So he ushered the whole crew to the store down the street, found his friend, and they started singing. It was good fun!

Our little intervention at the supermarket

And here is the little video I made.

And this is how my place looked like after the raid

So you never get bored with this church! The same evening, I also had a meeting with the responsibles of the other French speaking church concerning our Health Expo activities. After all, the training on children's Health Expo will already take place the second weekend of January; and then we need to find a place to do a public Expo (both for adults and children) somewhere in Brussels. I really hope it will work out. My biggest concern is the number of volunteers we will need. But the Lord will provide somehow, I'm sure.

Now I have to work only four more days and off I go to Germany. I'll be spending Christmas with my family, and then I'll be attending a one week prophecy seminar near Stuttgart. So my time in Germany will definitely not be boring. I would have wished to escape the winter again for a little while - just to get some warmth and sunshine in order to survive better until spring, but in February/March I'm going to spend a few weeks in the US, partly in California and Alabama, so this will probably be a nice compensation!

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