Sunday, February 24, 2013

EQ Summit

I safely made it to the US last Sunday. It was a wise decision to first stop at Uchee Pines, so I had a couple days to adjust to the time zone. Of course it was also nice to stay with my friend Amy and her family, who I hadn't seen for over three years.

Now I'm at the Emotional Intelligence Summit in Dallas and of course the information flow is kind of overwhelming. I haven't had a lot of time to reflect, but what stands out to me is the fact that this Depression Recovery Program has indeed helped a lot of people. Today, we heard some encouraging testimonials of participants who went through the 10-day program. As I have also attended the "Training the Trainer" seminar, I have all the material now to run this as well, but I'm still not sure how I could do this at home. I could only do it in English after all, so this limits the audience. But I will see; maybe I could do something at my own place. Even if it was only for a few people, it would be well worth it.

The key note speaker, Dr. Robert Emmons from California, gave some interesting suggestions on the topic of gratitude. How can we grow it? Some of his challenges were to write down a "gratitude journal" and to make a "what I take for granted list". Very interesting. Tonight, we are going to learn about music therapy. The hotel is a pleasant place to stay in, and I have met a lot of nice people here.

Tomorrow, I'll be flying out to Northern California, where I'm going to stay until Thursday; and then my next stop will be Eden Valley in Colorado. My itinerary is indeed packed, but this is how I have chosen it, so that I can make as many visits as possible. So I hope everything will be working out fine.

Hotel surroundings
They have a nice heated swimming pool

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angela ford said...

It surely was nice to meet you in person!