Sunday, February 10, 2013

The ISDA Babies

Things are really happening in my church. In 2012, about 10 children were born into various families. Indeed, the ladies at Brussels International Church seem to be quite fertile. Or maybe it's just multiple answers to the "standard prayer" of our Ghanaian Elder:

"Lord, those who are seeking life partners, please provide for them; and those who are seeking the fruit of the womb, please give them!"

Well, at least the latter part of his prayer has been thoroughly answered - even for those who didn't explicitly pray for it :-). Nevertheless, all of them seem to be very happy with their new babies - although quite busy of course. Since there are usually lots of family members of the babies to be dedicated come to such services, we rented a bigger venue, actually a small theatre in the city center. Even the Conference President came to perform the dedication.

All the children and parents with the Conference President
Waiting for the blessing
The oldest children where 7 and 9 years
Kennely - one of the African babies

So in one week I'll be headed off to the States. Can't wait to see my friends in California, Colorado, Utah, Alabama and Arkansas. Indeed, quite an itinerary, but I wanted to visit as many as possible. I'm also looking forward to the Emotional Intelligence Summit in Dallas, which will start on February 20. I will fly out already on February 17 though. I'm going to stop at Uchee Pines to take a couple days to get over jet lag. It will be so nice to be "back home"!

In the meantime, my Dutch classes have started. Although this language is so close to German, I still need to get used to the pronunciation. I wouldn't have thought that the teacher would be able to maintain the whole class time only speaking Dutch, but it works. At least I haven't had difficulties to follow, however others without any knowledge of German have to rely more on the pictures in the text book and the body language of the teacher. I hope I'll be conversational soon.

I've been reading in the book of Isaiah these days. I noticed the verse in chapter 45:6:
"That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the LORD, and there is none else."
Interestingly, until chapter, 46, this statement is being repeated twice, namely in chapter 45:21, as well as 46:9. So why did the Lord put so much emphasis on the fact that there is none like Him, or none beside Him? Maybe the people of Israel needed this reminder. I think of the distractions that we have nowadays in our secular society. Even if we do not literally worship other gods, we may get distracted with things that seem important to us and that may stand in between the relationship to our Saviour: the job, the spouse, children; yes and even the ministry work we do could consume us to the extent that we neglect the time with our Maker.

It's my desire to strengthen my walk with God, and not to allow anything or anybody to stand between or to weaken this relationship. "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you" (James 4:8). It's a sure promise.

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