Monday, November 4, 2013

Recharging Batteries

I've been thoroughly enjoying my time in Germany. The five-hour journey from Brussels was uneventful. On Sabbath, I enjoyed visiting my home church; and I even got an invite from a sister who had been wanting to have me over for lunch for years already. Until now, I would always have other commitments whenever I came for a visit, so this was a nice coincidence. She has been widowed for quite some time, and she always invites people over for Sabbath. There was another sister who came along, who is divorced and also her age (beyond 50). We had a very blessed afternoon. The only thing that I noticed is that there is a tendency of "going round in circles" when it comes to table conversations. At least I have noticed this very much among the German church members I'm close to, that they talk much more about other church members (their problems, their failures, conflicts they have with them, etc.) than about what they could do for the precious souls out there who are in need of Christ. It's a pity, because we lose so much time gossipping about other people's lives.

Yesterday, we had a nice family lunch at my parent's house. Only my older brother and my cousin couldn't make it. I tested the "Ultimate EU Quiz" with them, which I'm going to do with the students at my old school tomorrow. I realized how little the average population (academics or non-academics) knows about the history of the EU as well as the facts and figures (number of inhabitants on EU territory, where the majority of the EU-funds go to, etc.). I thought this was basic knowledge, but I think people just tend to live in a box. Of course I'm exposed to "Europe" every single day, meaning my workplace in itself is a "little Europe" already, with all these different nationalities blended together. I realize that I'm privileged in this regard. In fact, I wouldn't want to live in Germany anymore.

However, I really enjoy visiting from time to time. Today I'm going on a special treat - to the city of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest. I think I have posted before about this "Bathing Temple". But please don't think that I'm going to mingle with the male visitors - there is separate bathing today!

And finally, here is a super-cute picture that a Zambian friend from Brussels church just shared: Little Kennely with her brother Tumelo! Aren't they sweet together?

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