Thursday, July 16, 2015

General Conference

So here I'm back again in Brussels. This past Monday, after an unventful trip from San Antonio, I safely landed in good old Europe. Now I have some time to get over jet lag before I continue my travels this coming Sunday.

I'm thankful for the experience at the GC. It was exciting being together with 60.000+ fellow believers within such a small radius. I especially enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new people. Interpretation of the meetings was challenging at times, but yet a rewarding task. The trip from Uchee Pines took us 18 hours, but on the way back my poor friends were even less lucky, as the vehicle broke down and they had to spend the night at the highway!

Anyway, I'm thankful for the outcome of the business meetings. I'm especially relieved about the no to a more liberal approach towards women's ordination. It's sad to see non-biblical standards as well as influences of Western society creeping in our church more and more. But the Lord is still in control, and He will lead His people to His Kingdom - from whatever denominations they will eventually be composed of. I also appreciate very much the re-election of Elder Ted Wilson. He is definitely the right man to lead our church during such a time as this.

So my next leg will be my trip to Norway and Sweden. I'll be spending a few days in Oslo and Bergen before I travel to the Living Water camp meeting in the Telemark (south west of Norway). From there, I'm going to the camp meeting at Stenshult, which is not too far away from Gothenborg. I look forward to seeing friends and meeting new people. The Lord is good.

At the Hope Channel booth

At my post of duty

Entrance Alamodome

Inside the dome - view from the interpretation floor

With Walter and Sonica Veith

Delegates lining up to speak against or in favor of women's ordination
African choir
With my friend Andrea
Asian choreography
Grand Finale with the Wilson family

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Homeschooler3 said...

What a great opportunity for you to see the world Daniela.

Thanks for sharing with us.

May God bless your trip.