Friday, August 7, 2015


Yesterday, I came back from Scandinavia. I can look back on a very blessed and eventful 2 1/2 weeks there. After 19 years, I finally made it back to Norway. I arrived in Oslo, and the next day, I took a seven-hour train trip to Bergen at the west coast. It was a beautiful trip and this little city is really picturesque. Then I joined a car pool to go to the Living Water camp meeting in the Telemark, which is at the south coast of Norway. It was a spiritual blessing to be there, and I was even able to practise my Norwegian a little bit :-). Then I travelled to Stenshult, Sweden, where my friends Jay and Beathe run a small ministry. They had their annual summer camp meeting with Michael Avaylon from Washington. He gave some interesting talks on the Sanctuary. It was a nice atmosphere and it was good to see my friends again. After that I travelled to Stockholm to do a little sightseeing there. It was quite impressive to see "The Venice of the North", as they call this city.

So now I'm back to my home base in Brussels, but I'm busy getting ready for our annual German camp meeting. I really look forward to another spiritual blessing, and to see many friends again.

Interesting sculptures at Vigelanspark in Oslo

The harbour in Bergen
Beautiful view

At my 20th baptismal anniversary at a lake in Norway

So nice to see the Krueger family again
6 year old Johanna
With Beathe

And finally my sightseeing trip in Stockholm

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