Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Caroling

These past few days have been beautiful in Alabama. We have a student from South Africa here, and she said that this weather reminded her of home, where they go to the beach at this time of year. Yesterday, pretty much everybody who has been staying back on Campus gathered at the old Lifestyle Center for a nice Christmas lunch. After that, we went caroling in the neighborhood. We had a lot of fun singing for the people in our community and praying over their homes. They also received some literature as gifts.

After that, we gathered for a light supper at my house. We had a very blessed time.

The children having fun
Eliana and Naomi

Amy sharing a testimony

I've been all by myself since Friday. One of my housemates, Sister Rosie, passed away recently while she was visiting family in Colorado. This all came as a surprise to us. She was frail indeed, but we didn't expect such a rapid demise. But she had expressed the desire to rest, so now she is peacefully awaiting resurrection morning.

My other two housemates are gone, and it has been strange being all alone in the house. But tomorrow early morning, I will join the group to go to GYC in Houston. I pray for another blessing.

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