Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 21

Yesterday was the national holiday in Belgium. Since in the past I've always been out of the country on that day, and given the fact that we don't really have such kind of spectacles in Germany, I decided to go and see the military parade that was taking place around the King's Palace. I only know that Belgium celebrates having a democracy since 1945, so this was actually the 65th anniversary. Many people came to cheer, but it was quite a long wait until it started. Only one ambassador after the other passed by in their fancy cars, as they were all special guests to the Royal family for this event. But then they started the procession with military horsemen trotting in large groups, which was followed by a short intervention of the street cleaning vehicles (since all the other military groups were following on foot, so they didn't have to walk on the horse droppings!) Below you can see a few impressions in pictures and little video clips.

Anyway, it was good to have the day off. Being back at work today, I thought I would finally hear about my potential new post, but still no news. They are keeping me on hold, and so I'm just trying to put up with it!

Military on horses

The marine corps

The parachutists
I think those inflatable crowns sold very well that day!
Passing by in front of a government building - I couldn't get near the King's Palace,
as this area was reserved for special guests 

People lining up at the street

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