Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Knights in Shining Armour

When I went to the church meetings last week, I noticed something unusual happening around the big square nearby. They literally transformed this place into a medieval village. I found out later that they are doing this every year at this time, and it's a revival of the glorious and majestic procession of Emperor Charles V, which took place in Brussels in 1549. I'm wondering why some people would want to resuscitate those events of the past, but no doubt such happenings give a special touch to the city life.

I think the emperor was supposed to be in this carriage

The women walking without a man are supposed to be the "ladies in waiting" 


with the knights in shining armour

There were several groups of people gathered - all in different costumes

I was only able to capture this procession for a few seconds, as a bus was approaching which would have taken the view

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