Monday, September 27, 2010

O Lord whose mercies numberless

After I returned from the US last year, I decided to start taking music lessons again. I was blessed to find somebody here in Brussels who can teach both voice and piano. He is a freelance musician and former boy chorister at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. He is a great teacher and likes to pratice sacred songs with me.

Recently, he asked me if I would like to go for Händel's Saul. I think this is the most challenging song I've ever practiced, but it's so beautiful!

Other than that, he is helping me with our church hymns, i. e. figuring out the chords, as this is the only way I can play them. Thus, I have been able to fill in at church with the accompaniment whenever there is a need. We also do some classical compositions, and scales over and over again (I haven't seen the benefit of these exercises, but maybe one day it will pay!). It's only hard for me to sit down and practice for longer than 10-20 minutes in a row. I think it's in my nature that I quickly hop from one task or activity to the next. This certainly facilitates my daily work, but not really the advancement of my skills. I'm thinking about taking the lessons weekly instead of fortnightly, as this would push me to practice more. Of course it's a question whether I would like to make the investment, but maybe I should take advantage as long as I have the opportunity and time. I just hope my voice will be ready for the drill tonight, as I'm still coughing from time to time. It's almost a month ago that I was sick, but the cough is always the last that leaves my system due to my weak respiratory tract. Oh well, I'd better get over it!
O Lord, whose mercies numberless
O'er all Thy works prevail, o'er all Thy works prevail;
Though daily man Thy laws transgress,
Thy patience cannot fail, no, cannot fail.
If yet his sins be not too great,
The busy fiend control, the busy fiend control.
Yet longer for repentance wait,
And heal his wounded soul, and heal his wounded soul.

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