Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm particularly enjoying the peace of the Sabbath hours today. The past week wasn't really strenuous for me, yet there is something special about this day of rest. I also like the fellowship at church, but if there is no afternoon program there, I get to commune with the Lord more deeply. Indeed, it's not only me, myself and I at home, He is there with me; and today I don't have all these distractions. How wonderful!

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to do some sightseeing here in Brussels. I got together with Juan Campos and his wife, after it hadn't work out to see them at the Hispanic church last weekend. They ended up staying in Antwerp and not in Brussels, and so they went to church there. But they were very interested in an audio-guided tour through the European Parliament that I had told them about. So they took the train to Brussels Tuesday morning and I picked them up at the station. However, they came too late for the morning tour through the Parliament, and so we decided to take one of the numerous sightseeing buses to explore the main highlights of the city. It was a bit windy that day (especially on top of this open double-deck bus!), but they were glad that they got to see Brussels. In the afternoon, I was able to drop them off for the 3 o'clock tour at the Parliament and went back to work. So during their almost one month stay in Europe, they ended up seeing four countries and three capitals. Not bad for the first visit! I love to take friends around here whenever I have the opportunity, and I hope you will be one of my next visitors :o)

A Japanese Tower

The main Commission building - they frequently change the outside advertisement. This one is about organ donation

At the European Parliament

Juan Campos and his wife Magda

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