Thursday, September 2, 2010


Since last Sunday, I've been up and running again - at least my fever disappeared and I started to function relatively normal again. I wish I could already exercise, but after walking the six floors to my office this morning as usual, I was still coughing pretty hard.

At work, it has been fairly easy so far. Although since yesterday my hierarchy is complete again, I don't really see the big wave coming yet. I got to talk to my head of unit yesterday. He told me that he had had an accident last week. While visiting a castle somewhere, he fell down from a 4 meter (4 yard) wall! He said there was a grass patch just at the area where he bounced down, otherwise this could have become a very serious accident. Thank God, he only bruised his hip and rib cage. I told him that he had had a guardian angel, which he vividly affirmed.

Yesterday, my parents passed by for a short visit. They were on their way to Holland in order to meet up with my Dad's sailor friends from the old times when he was still traveling the oceans with the merchant marine. So they stopped at my place for one night, which was nice. I won't see them again before Christmas after all. My father brought me two bell pepper plants with lots of colorful fruits almost ready to be picked. Great idea. So far, I've only kept some herbs on my balcony, but now my independence from the supermarket has even increased!

Tomorrow, our special weekend with the Hargreaves from Amazing Facts is going to start. They are on their way by car from Budapest to Brussels now. This weekend will be crucial as for our further planning for a health seminar and evangelistic series next spring. I've been praying a lot for this to happen if it's God's will. But are the church members ready? I have no doubt that the harvest is ready. There must be some searching souls out there; even in this secular place. So why wait for the church to be ready then? I hope the Lord will give answers soon.

My bell pepper supply

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