Monday, September 6, 2010


The weekend with the Hargreaves was a real blessing. I knew the Lord would use this man to touch the hearts of the church members. I liked his presentations as they were very illustrative. On Friday evening, he compared soul winning with fishing, referring to the incidence in the gospel of Luke. There are indeed many parallels as for the keys of success in both activities. The sermon was about "searching for gold", and with another illustration and many poignant quotations of the Spirit of Prophecy, he made the urgency of the matter very clear. The result was that we got 100 decision cards filled out, in which church members committed themselves to soul winning in one way or the other. The morning service was followed by an afternoon topic on some practical steps in outreach and evangelism. It was held in the English-speaking church, but I was pleased to see some of the French speaking members staying as well. A concern that our Pastor mentioned was that the Belgians might be reluctant with everything that comes from America. But they will have to get over it, as this is going to fly now! On this note, I'm glad that the Romanian Pastor also showed interest, so that we will have this church also join in.

I can hardly believe it that the series will already begin in about seven months. It will be preceeded by a one week health seminar, for which I will be responsible. Of course the question comes up how I'm going to do this, and who is going to help me. This will be the entering wedge after all. I feel humbled to be in this position, and I'm also wondering how the whole campaign is going to be coordinated. I think the main organisational work will stick with me. If I hadn't taken everything into my own hands for the preparation of this past weekend, hardly anything would have been done. The African mentality is a bit different from the German, but these are the people I will largely have to rely on. Another challenge is bringing together team members from different language groups. So I guess I need to start praying for strength and wisdom!

Nevertheless, the Lord must have His leading hand in this endeavor, as there are just too many "coincidences" coming together. He must have sent me back to Brussels for such a time as this. May everything play out to His glory.

The Hargreaves family in Brussels

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Acceptance with Joy said...

It sounds exciting! The Lord will give you strength... and people to help! God bless. Looking forward to hearing more!